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Our new atelier, we have moved.

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atelier sanders weyden jewelry

Hello dear people,

After two very hectic months, we finally can say that we have MOVED into our new atelier.

We are very grateful for all the help we have received to be able to realise our new atelier at this A. location. We hereby want to invite you to come and have a look.

From now on, we gladly welcome you at our atelier in “de Brandweer” Capucijnenstraat 21, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Please give us a call or send us an email prior to your visit, we love to welcome at the door.


Best regards, Karen and Ludo.

Buying wedding rings in Maastricht

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Gold satin brushed weddingband by Sanders Weyden jewelry

You are planning to buy your wedding rings in Maastricht? Then we welcome you to visit us by appointment.
You can choose from our wide range of handmade and unique wedding rings or we can make a custom wedding ring for you. At our goldsmith atelier we make everything tailored to our customers’ needs. We can measure your correct ring size and we will discuss the possible options with you to find your perfect wedding ring or a wedding ring that is fully customized.


Weddingrings from the collection of Sanders Weyden.

Our line of wedding rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and silver. Our rings are offered with a high polished gloss, satin finish, hammered structure or a combination of these techniques.
Feel free to have a look at our current offer of weddingrings available in our webshop and if you are looking for something else, we love to think along with you to discuss a customized design.

Custom wedding rings .

Should you desire a wedding ring with a diamond that is smaller or larger than our current offer, then that’s not a problem. It is also possible to process precious stones and gold from jewelry that you bring along, into your wedding ring. Our goldsmith studio is fully equipped to set stones and transform old jewelry into something new.

Thinking along with our customers and creating the wedding ring of your dreams is our specialty, so do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities.

“A piece of jewellery made by Sanders Weyden, is a piece of  jewellery made for life; handmade with passion, precision and craft.”

Wedding ring set.

If you choose your wedding rings set at Sanders Weyden, you can be assured that your rings are made of the same gold. Hand made from beginning to end, we start with the melting of the metal. Your wedding rings are already one on a moleculair level, even before they are formed. So even if you choose two different designs, there is already a unity in the rings that you both will carry on your fingers.
These rings belong together, these people belong together. Passion and romance, we believe in that!

Hammered wedding rings set by sandersweyden jewelryWhere we start with the melting of the metal, we often end with engraving a personal message inside the wedding rings. Here you can engrave your names, your wedding date or a personal name if you wish.

Be welcome, and do not hessitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

See you soon, best regards, Karen en Ludo.

Pearl Fishers

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Pearls and oysters on workbench sandersweyden A warm summer memory from my childhood: the voice of Placido Domingo sings through the open French doors to meet the summer. That was my first conscious encounter with The Pearl Fishers and a new fascination for pearls and the customs and myths surrounding them was born.

So when a customer introduced us to a beautiful set of pearls, fished out of the sea during a wonderful holiday and asked whether we could do something with it, I was immediately captivated by the idea. After careful deliberation, we came to a modern and pure design that shows these pearls in their full lustre.


Pearl earrings; a classic jewel that should be in every jewellery box, captured in a modern contemporary design.

Pearl earrings 14k gold by sandersweyden jewelry

This summer the pearl fishers are passionately singing along in the background of my head while I’m forging.

Ahhh … you will not hear me complain 😉

Stacking Rings

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stacking Rings Set ruby mix, gold, brushed gold and sterling ring with ruby by Sanders WeydenStacking rings in gold and silver with precious stones and gems, Stacking Rings will always be favourites. Any ring that you can combine with another ring could be considered as a stacking ring. Rings combined as a set on one finger or on multiple fingers can make up very personal stacking ring sets. Stacking Ring Sets can be made up of modern contemporary rings, or a ring set can be a combination of antique, vintage, classic and/or modern rings, all is possible. Stacking Rings give the wearer the opportunity to combine beloved old jewels with new one’s, they bring out the creative and personal in each wearer, reflecting the beauty of each unique soul.

Stacking a personal Stacking Rings Set

Stacking Rings are so versatile there will always be a ring or combination of rings perfect for you. Stacking rings make a perfect gift for any situation. Celebrating a special moment in your life with each unique ring, a combination of rings can hold a complete lifetime story. You can stack friendship rings, engagement and wedding rings, a gift from someone special, a moment to remember, maybe a precious lesson learned, each ring bearing its own memory.

“Stacking Rings are so versatile…”

Stacking Rings and Stacking Rings Sets available at Sanders Weyden

Come and have a look at Our Shop to see which new stacking rings we have available right now. Possibly that one gift for your self or that other special person you were looking for is right there!