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stacking Rings Set ruby mix, gold, brushed gold and sterling ring with ruby by Sanders WeydenStacking rings in gold and silver with precious stones and gems, Stacking Rings will always be favourites. Any ring that you can combine with another ring could be considered as a stacking ring. Rings combined as a set on one finger or on multiple fingers can make up very personal stacking ring sets. Stacking Ring Sets can be made up of modern contemporary rings, or a ring set can be a combination of antique, vintage, classic and/or modern rings, all is possible. Stacking Rings give the wearer the opportunity to combine beloved old jewels with new one’s, they bring out the creative and personal in each wearer, reflecting the beauty of each unique soul.

Stacking a personal Stacking Rings Set

Stacking Rings are so versatile there will always be a ring or combination of rings perfect for you. Stacking rings make a perfect gift for any situation. Celebrating a special moment in your life with each unique ring, a combination of rings can hold a complete lifetime story. You can stack friendship rings, engagement and wedding rings, a gift from someone special, a moment to remember, maybe a precious lesson learned, each ring bearing its own memory.

“Stacking Rings are so versatile…”

Stacking Rings and Stacking Rings Sets available at Sanders Weyden

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