I believe we work in one of the most beautiful professions there is. Every day we work with jewellery of enormous emotional value; They are the bearers of memories and stories, each as personal as the wearer of the object. Sometimes we restore jewellery to their old glory. Another time we process a piece of jewellery to something completely new. The emotional value, a reminder of a precious person, remains. The shape now fits her new owner.

And then there are days when we are asked to create a brand new new piece of jewelery for someone. Transforming a story or memory,  into a tangible jewel is a wonderful challenge. Together we consult with you, we make some sketches and then we make a new jewel to your liking. It is wonderful how the jewellery we make on  request,  always is the most beautiful when it adorns the body of the person it is designed for. It knows who it belongs to.

It is an honor to design and make wedding rings. An honor to witness a new shared life story. It is also an honor to be able to adjust a wedding ring that has been worn a whole life, into a new perfect fit, or to merge two rings into one.

To us, a jewel is first of all valuable because of the emotional value it has, the material value is secondary to us. It is therefore obvious to us, that we treat your jewellery with the most respect.

Hammered wedding rings set by sandersweyden jewelryYou can contact us for the professional and respectful repair and resizing or alteration of your jewelry. We would also like to think with you on the design and creation of a whole new piece of jewelry. Your wishes are our main focus. Our specialty is creating custom jewellery, we create jewelry on your request. An exploratory conversation is free of charge. We are happy to listen to your wishes and would like to discuss the possibilities with you. We have a fully equipped studio where we can tend to all your wishes. Of course we will always be respectfully aware of the budget that you have given us to work with.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted specialist to design, make, alter or repair your jewelry, call or email us for an appointment. You are welcome at our atelier for an informative consultation.

Best regards, Karen and Ludo.